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Doctors Surgery Insurance – What Cover Does it Give?

WITH the UK population recently breaking through the 60 million mark, the need for extensive medical care has never been greater.

It’s essential that there are enough facilities for this every-growing population and people are constantly exploring their options in this regard. In some cases, poor facilities in hospitals with regard to health, hygiene and safety have led many people to look to the private sector for healthcare.

News stories of clinics and hospitals not complying with basic health and safety standards are quite alarming and there has been a recent increase in the number of people taking out private health insurance.

If you are running a private surgery, it’s therefore imperative that you have doctor’s surgery insurance in place to protect your business.

You’ll find this type of cover available from a wide range of providers and BusinessInsured is committed to helping you find the insurer who will meet your needs. There are many risks involved in running a surgery and a good insurance policy should protect from most mishaps.

Surgery Insurance – Diagnosing the right deal

Doctors will deal with a varying range of illnesses in any one day, and when it comes to surgery insurance, no two policies are the same.

If you are looking for cover for your practice, there are many different features you need to look out for and decide which you need.

Perhaps the most obvious thing you need to insure is the surgery building itself and its contents. When you think of the expensive equipment doctors and health professionals use, it would be a huge blow if any of it were stolen or damaged.

One incident like a robbery can trigger a chain of problems which your surgery insurance will cover.

First of all, you have the items themselves and their value, which will be covered by contents insurance. Then, if the loss of that equipment prevents the day-to-day running of the surgery, business interruption should cover you for the loss of income. This is also handy to have if surgery has to close due to fire or flooding.

There are many other features of a doctor’s surgery insurance policy which you may be offered, including:

Legal expenses
If you have to go court due to a claim made against you, this will help out with solicitors’ fees.

Public liability
This will cover you if someone is injured or has their property damaged while in your surgery.

Employer’s liability
This is a legal requirement and covers you if anyone working for you in the surgery is injured or suffers a work-related injury.

You can also take out enhanced contents cover for items such as medical bags, wheelchairs and refrigerated vaccines as well as your employees’ and patients’ personal possessions.

If you run more than one surgery, but want one insurance policy to cover them all, you will find that some insurers will offer a discount.

To find out what the best deal on offer is for your doctor’s surgery insurance, compare quotes with BusinessInsured today. Finding the right cover couldn’t be easier and we’re certain we can put you in hands of the right insurer.

Get a quote today or call our UK-based team on 0800 1073404.

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