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Why do you need Teacher Insurance?

Regardless of who or what you teach, teacher’s insurance is essential in today’s world. Whether you give singing & guitar lessons on an individual basis, are a driving instructor, teach a class full of children or adults, run extra curricular activities or run a drama group, you need to be covered for any number of unforeseen incidents.

Today’s burgeoning compensation culture means that a claim could be brought against you for the slightest error. It could be a child hurting themselves whilst under your supervision, an adult blaming you for injuries sustained during a wood carving course, a parent blaming you for their child’s singing lessons not leading to a career in pop… unfortunately the concept of where there’s blame there’s a claim has led to people trying get easy money through the courts for any reason they can dream up, and teachers are one of the more vulnerable groups.

You could be an individual giving private tuition, an employee of your local education authority, a worker in a youth club or the head of an exclusive private school. Whatever your role in the teaching industry, you really should have teacher’s insurance.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

If you run a small training centre or private college and employ teaching staff, then you will need employers liability insurance. This is required by law for all employers in all sectors in the UK and will protect you should any of your teaching staff bring a claim against you.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you run a training establishment which provides professional advice then you could find yourself in deep water should that advice lead to financial loss. This could be due to negligence, giving poor, inadequate or inaccurate advice. However with the right professional indemnity insurance policy, you’ll be covered for most eventualities.

At BusinessInsured.co.uk, we have many years’ experience putting together insurance packages for all kinds of businesses including teachers and training establishments. Call one of our advisers on 0800 1073404 or fill out our teachers insurance quote form.

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