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medical building insurance quotes
Medical Building Insurance Quotes

If you are a medical professional, there are always people relying on you. If you can’t provide the service your patients expect, it will affect you financially and could have implication for the health of the people you treat as well. BusinessInsured has the right prescription for your insurance needs.

It doesn’t matter what your specialist field is, whether you are a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist or chiropractor, you’ll need to have your business protected from head to toe with a good medical building insurance policy.

When you bring in things like medicine, drugs and electrical and medical equipment into the the equation, the risks of running a surgery are quite high.

Having professional indemnity cover is critical to the running of your surgery as it can not only protect the day-to-day running of your business, but can also preserve your reputation from unfavourable cases being brought against you.

For most medical professionals, the surgery itself is the lifeblood of the operation. When taking out surgery insurance, insuring the building is paramount.

Surgery Insurance – What is Covered?

It will cover you for any damage to the building from fire, flood or subsidence. It will provide funds for repair of the damage as well as the cost of temporary relocation or closure.

Medical building insurance will also cover the contents of your surgery. As well as the doctor or medical professional themselves, a surgery may not be able to function without prescription drugs, medicines and other medical supplies.

Replacing them can be costly if they are stolen or damaged. Equipment will also be covered and, given the specialist nature of this machinery, it will ease the financial burden of repair bills. Your contents cover will included refrigerated items which could be destroyed or rendered ineffective by power cut or damage to the building.

When you consider the time it might take to replace important items such as private patient records in the event of them being destroyed, your medical building insurance will cover the cost of the overtime or extra staff you may need to take on.

Even when you are away from your practice, your surgery insurance will protect you and your belongings. If you have to make a house call to one of your patients, or treat them at their workplace, you can have your doctor’s bag covered by your policy.

You may have a pretty well-oiled routine in your surgery, but you never know what’s around the corner – literally. If a nearby building is damaged and it restricts access to your practice, you could be able to claim on your insurance for loss of business.

Other unexpected occurrences which may hamper the running of your surgery include the discovery of a dangerous, contagious disease on the premises, or even a death, whether accidental or by murder or suicide. These are all pretty rare events, but anything that puts your business in jeopardy must be guarded against.

When you get medical business insurance through BusinessInsured, we’ll help you put together the policy that suits your needs. You’ll have to make sure you have covered all the bases with features such as public liability and employer’s liability cover.

As a doctor, or other medical professional, there is a higher chance of legal action being taken against you than most other jobs, so it’s reassuring to know that your surgery insurance will cover the legal costs and possible compensation payments.

Get yourself some peace of mind today with a medical building insurance policy from BusinessInsured. We’ll help you compare competitive quotes online or you can speak to our expert team on 0800 1073404.

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