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Essential Surgery Insurance

If you run a surgery, be it a small chiropractic clinic or large medical centre, then you’re going to need insurance. The medical industry can be a tricky area, especially with regards to public liability so it is highly advisable to have a robust public liability policy as part of your surgery insurance package.

Stock & Contents Insurance

Much of the equipment used in a medical practice can be very costly and in light of this, having contents insurance is necessary to provide cover in the event of a fire, a flood, etc.

Many surgeries or medical centres will also have a pharmacy or dispensary of some sort on the premises. These should be kept very secure but should also be insured in the event of a break in. Like your equipment, any drugs or medicines should be covered by contents insurance.

Employers Liability Insurance

Like any business in the UK, if you have any staff then employers liability insurance is required by law. This will cover your staff if they are injured whilst doing their jobs. This could be a slip, trip or fall, a back injury as a result of lifting patients or an injury sustained from an attack by a patient.

Failure to have this policy if you employ staff carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail and an unlimited fine.

Public Liability Insurance

As mentioned, public liability can be very tricky in a medical practise. No amount of disclaimers can fully protect you against a compensation claim and in the event of a treatment or course of medicine actually making the problem worse, you could find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit. Such cases can drag on for many months so a highly robust public liability policy is necessary.

Because there is so much variety in the medical profession, the level of insurance cover a surgery may require can vary a great deal.

All surgeries differ in size and the facilities they offer, so doctors surgery insurance has to be very flexible. We can offer you a wide variety of different options and when you compare surgery insurance quotes we’ll help you build the policy that’s right for you.

Keep your practice in good health At, we have many years’ experience putting together insurance packages for all kinds of businesses. Call one of our advisers on 0800 1073404 or fill out our surgery insurance quote form.

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