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If you own a retail outlet such as a shop, takeaway, pub, café or restaurant, then you’re going to need insurance. Shop insurance can cover your stock, your fixtures and fittings, your premises and your staff and customers.

The more people who come through your doors the better, but this can also increase the likelihood of one of them having and accident on your premises. Although unlikely, these things do happen and the growing compensation culture in the UK means that having public liability insurance is essential part of your shop insurance package.

Here at, we have had many years’ experience helping customers to find the right insurance package for their business. With so many options available, you may end up with an inadequate policy which in the long term, is likely to end up costing you much more than a slightly higher premium on a more comprehensive shop insurance policy.

Shop Insurance Options:

Building cover

All buildings can be damaged by fire, flood and storm damage as well as a number of other potential threats including subsidence. When a building contains your livelihood it is essential it is well maintained and fully insured.

Stock & contents cover

Your stock and contents insurance will cover losses as a result of burglary, fire, flood, etc. Contrary to popular belief, shop insurance will not cover for losses due to shoplifting. Stock security during opening hours is your concern and something that cannot be insured against.

Business interruption protection

Should something stop you from trading, such as a fire or flood, then your takings will not only suffer, but will stop altogether. This policy is designed to help you through such eventualities an will help keep funds coming in when the unthinkable happens.

Money Protection

Having large sums of money on your premises overnight may not be ideal, but is often unavoidable. Whilst you should take measures to ensure any cash is secure (i.e. in a safe), money protection insurance will cover any losses in the event of a successful robbery. Lottery scratch cards, stamps and other ‘valuables’ can also be covered by this policy, but all should be kept in a safe outside of opening hours.

Employers Liability

If you have staff working for you, you’re going to need Employers Liability Insurance. This policy is required by UK law and will provide the necessary cover should any of your staff be injured at work.

Public Liability Insurance

This is not required by law but is highly advisable to have. If a member of the public is injured on your premises then they may claim for compensation. With public liability insurance you will be covered in most circumstances. works in partnership with a number of premier UK insurers to find the best deals, the best policies and the best prices. Call one of our insurance advisers on 0800 1073404 or fill out our shop insurance quote form.

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