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Restaurant Insurance – Get the Right Cover

THERE’S nothing better in a restaurant than to see the tables filling up with hungry customers. If you have just opened a restaurant and are excited about the prospect of serving top notch food and getting the money rolling in, make sure you have all your bases covered.

Sorting out restaurant insurance may not seem as exciting as tasting new dishes, putting together menus or deciding on some funky décor, but it is arguably more important.

Getting good cover in place can guard against huge costs if your restaurant is damaged by fire or flooding or if one of your customers or employees brings a claim against you.

A full restaurant will be good for business, but if a customers slips on a wet floor or suffers food poisoning, they could take legal action. Restaurant insurance will protect your business from costly claims.

And when you compare restaurant insurance at BusinessInsured, you’ll be certain of finding a policy that’s just right for you. We can provide you with policies for restaurants, cafes, takeaways and fast-food outlets at competitive prices.

Restaurant Insurance Policy Features

When you take out restaurant cover through us, you can expect the following standard features:

Restaurant Public liability

When you are dealing with members of the public everyday, this is an essential part of your insurance policy. A claim against you could run into thousands of pounds and may even threaten the existence of your business.

There are many risks attached to the food service industry. Say some scraps of food fall on the floor and a customer slips on them and injures themselves or if food is poorly cooked and someone suffers illness because of it. You could be facing a hefty bill for compensation and legal costs.

Public liability will cover these costs and prevent your business from taking a big hit.

Restaurant Employer’s liability

The law in the UK insists that you have employer’s liability insurance if you have people working for you. Restaurant owners will employ staff for many different roles, so it’s essential you are protected if any of them bring legal action against you. The minimum amount of employer’s liability you must take out is £5m.

If any of your employees are injured at work or fall ill due to a work-related incident, you could be liable. Employer’s liability will cover the cost of legal fees and compensation.

Restaurant Buildings cover

For many, opening a restaurant can be the fulfillment of a lifetime ambition. If you have poured a lot of your savings into buying the right premises, it is imperative that you have it protected.
Buildings cover will protect you against damage caused by fire, flooding or subsidence – much like your own home insurance.

This will ensure your investment is protected and you won’t lose your livelihood if the unexpected happens.

Restaurant Contents insurance

For many diners, it’s not just all about the food. A good restaurant will have a nice ambiance, tasteful décor and fabulous furniture. If you want to protect the fixtures, fittings and contents, you’ll need to have the right cover in place.

Your contents cover will help replace anything that has been damaged or stolen.

Restaurant Stock cover

Keeping your restaurant moving is essential for the health of your business. This means you’ll needs to have a lot of food and drink stored away.

Stock cover will meet the cost of replacing any stock that is damaged or stolen.

Loss of money

You’ll of course be hoping your restaurant brings home the bacon. But if you have a lot of cash or cheques on the premises, loss of money will cover you if it is stolen, whether it be an employee or opportunist thief.

Make sure you protect your restaurant. With BusinessInsured, we’re sure you can find the right ingredients to create a restaurant insurance policy that suits your specific needs. Get an online quote today or call our friendly UK-based team today.

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