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A guide to Residential Landlord’s Insurance Cover

IF you are renting out a house or flat, you’ll know how important it is to find the right tenant. It’s also important to find the right residential landlord’s insurance policy.

Most landlords will be letting out their property for residential purposes and therefore will require this type of insurance, which is different from commercial landlord’s cover.

It you own a range of buy-to-let properties, you may also find that insurers can offer you a discount on residential insurance to cover all your properties. You aren’t obliged by law to have this type of insurance, but it is a prudent investment to protect your property against flood and fire amongst other things.

A lot of insurers offer landlord’s insurance, in all shapes and sizes, so it can be tricky finding the policy that’s right for you. Don’t worry, at, you can feel right at home as you compare residential landlord’s quotes.

Compare Landlord Insurance to ensure you’re covered

A lot of landlords can fall into the trap of thinking that a basic home insurance policy will cover their buy to let property. This is an all too common mistake and leaves many without sufficient cover.

A buy to let property is an investment which is supposed to make you money and it’s important to look at it this way because that means standard house insurance isn’t effective.

When buying the house or flat, you need to take out the relevant buy to let insurance. Your mortgage provider may even ask to see proof that you have taken out this particular type of cover before approving your mortgage.

The advantages of residential insurance

The benefits are wide ranging and far outweigh the small investment you’ll make by taking out residential cover. You’ll be protected against a whole host of unforeseen things which can happen to the building and its contents, including damaged caused by fire, floods, storms, lightning, subsidence and earthquakes.

It will also cover you for loss of rent and additional costs if you have to relocate tenants due to damage or while repairs are carried being out.

When comparing residential landlord’s insurance, be aware that different insurers may offer different policies. Certain features such as contents insurance or landlord’s liability cover may be optional extras on some policies.

How much does residential cover cost?

As with the policies themselves, cost will vary between insurers. There are other areas which can affect the cost of cover including the type and age of the property, where it is and what size it is.
Who your tenant is can also have an affect on the cost.

How much cover you want to take out will also impact on the cost of your residential landlord’s insurance.

Getting a quote for residential cover is easy when you go through We show the wide range of options available to you and find a policy that is suited to your needs.  You can also call our friendly UK-based team on 0800 1073404.

Compare Residential Landlord Insurance Quotes today at

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