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public liability insurance quotes

Find Competitive Public Liability Insurance Quotes

THERE’S nothing certain in business, but when you come to to compare public liability insurance, we’re sure you’ll find the right deal.

Bleak economic times mean businesses have never been more vulnerable, so it’s more important than ever to protect your livelihood against unexpected, potentially crippling claim costs. At, we can provide specifically tailored liability insurance for a wide ranges of businesses, tradesmen and other occupations.

You’ll find competitive quotes for public liability cover for a number of jobs, whether you are a plumber or a satellite engineer.

What does public liability insurance cover?

Public liability will protect you if someone brings a claim against. There can be a number of reasons a third party may claim compensation. They could be injured as a result of the work you do or their property could be damaged.

The cover we provide is comprehensive and takes into account the range of things that could go wrong. We have policies which are specially designed for tradesmen like builders and joiners, jobs where there is a high risk of injury or damage involved.

Protecting yourself against the unexpected has never been easier. All you have to do is fill out our simple online form and we’ll provide you with instant quotes from a raft of leading insurers.

Public liability information

Claims against businesses or individuals can run into thousands of pounds. In the UK last year, a staggering £5 billion was paid out in public liability insurance claims. Those figures alone should be enough to convince any business owner, big or small, about the need for public liability cover.

A claim against your company may not just put a dent in profits, it could potentially put you out of business. Not having liability will expose your business to such a fatal blow. And if you have put a lot of your own money into the business, your home and personal property could be under threat if you are pursued for damages.

It costs nothing to look

Getting a quote for public liability insurance is free, so you’ll not be risking anything by looking. It will also save you a great deal of time and, in the long run, could save you a lot of money. You will be protected against claims made against you by a third party, so it’s worth spending a few minutes getting the right cover in place.

We’ll be able to provide you with several quotes so you can decide which fits your requirements.  And you can be sure that we’ll only put you in the hands in some of the best in the business when it comes to insurance. We’ll provide quotes from leading insurers such as Zurich, AXA and Ageas and many more, so you’ll get a top quality policy at a competitive price.

In any line of work, risks are everywhere and many don’t easily come to mind. Say a plumber fits a sink, but doesn’t properly tighten a bolt. If this leads to the customer’s house or property being flooded, the plumber will be liable for the damage due to his negligence.

You may even require personal liability insurance if you work from home. It will protect you if any clients who visit your workplace are injured or have their property damaged while in your house.

Because we search a raft of insurers and policies, we’ll also be able to offer you added extras, such as tool cover.

A competitive public liability quote is just seconds away at Fill out a quote form now or give us a call on 0800 1073404 to discuss your own personal needs.

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