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Public House Insurance – Restaurant & Takeaway Insurance

THERE’S plenty on the menu for the hungry diner these days.  Restaurants and takeaways in the UK feature food and drink from around the globe and some nights the hardest part is just deciding where to go.

Restaurants and takeaways also employ a huge amount of staff, probably more than most private industries. Whether it’s a small, independent restaurant or part of a nationwide franchise, anyone running a business in the hospitality industry has problems to solve on a daily basis.

If you own a restaurant or pub, or any other business which involves making your guest feel comfortable and well looked after, there many things to keep on top of.

Your guests’ experience on your premises is one of the most important areas of your business and you want people to feel safe and relaxed about coming along to sample your fine food and drink. You’ll also have to keep stock and cash ticking over and make sure it is safe and secure too.

To keep everything running smoothly, you’ll need hard-working staff who must be looked after properly, making sure you are doing everything in line with employment laws.

Don’t be a profit of doom

It can be a bit of juggling act, keeping customers and staff happy while trying to keep on top of your figures to make sure the business is profitable. This can involve long hours and stressful situations.

With wholesale costs rising and the potential for other outlets to compete with, it can be tough to churn out a profit each month. However, imagine if your property was damaged by fire or flood. You could kiss any hopes of a profit for the foreseeable future goodbye.

But never fear because is in your corner. We’ll go the extra mile to find the right pub, restaurant or takeaway insurance for you, meaning you’re protected against anything which might put a huge hole in your profits.

We know you might be under enough stress as it is, but it’s worth considering what can go wrong in a pub or restaurant. Here are just a few example of things which can stop your business in its tracks.

Pub & Restaurant Damage Insurance

Flood, fire, vandalism, subsidence, storms – these can all cut through your premises in a flash, leaving physical and financial destruction in their wake.

Not only will your building be damaged, your stock and fixtures and fittings could take a bit of battering as well. If you have the proper business insurance in place, you will be protected against the cost of repairs and replace stock and contents.

Pub & Restaurant Theft Insurance

In harsh economic times, this has become an increasing problem. Anyone from the seasoned burglar to a light-fingered employee can eat into your takings. With the right insurance, you’ll be protected against any losses you incur.

Public liability insurance – Accidents to customers

Public liability insurance will protect you against unfortunate accident to one of your customers. If someone is injured, whether due to a slip or fall on your premises, they may seek to recover damages from you. If that person cannot work or incurs medical bills, you could end up receiving a hefty claim from them. Business insurance will have standard public liability cover included in the policy, putting your mind at rest should the unexpected occur.

Accidents to staff

Hopefully, your pub or restaurant will be a hive of activity, but with that comes all sorts of potential dangers. With staff whizzing about with plates and glasses, an accident can easily occur and injuries to your employees can prove costly.

Employers liability will protect you against claims taken by your employees against you should they suffer injury while at work.

Pub & Restaurant Business Interruption

Even if your own premises aren’t damage, you may find your day-to-day business interrupted by other means. Damage to nearby buildings or the loss of your water, gas or electricity supply could all lead to your pub or restaurant having to close for a period of time. Even if it’s only a short interruption, you will be losing valuable trade.

When you take out business insurance through, we’ll make sure you have business interruption cover built in so you’re not out of pocket while you’re out of your restaurant.

When comparing pub and restaurant insurance, take the time to study each policy carefully and make sure that it suits the needs of your business. When you search for business insurance with, you’ll be able to see what features are available in each policy and you can add on other types of cover such as accidental damage, loss of money, goods in transit or loss of licence.

At, we’ll get your order right when it comes to restaurant and pub insurance. Get a quote today online or speak to our expert team now on 0800 1073404.

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