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office insurance quotes

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WE might take the daily nine-to-five grind for granted, but imagine going home at the end of one day and not being able to get stuck into your work the next morning. It would be especially worrying if you owned the company and your livelihood was all of sudden under threat due to some unforeseen event.

This is where office insurance comes into its own. If your business premises is suddenly out of bounds as a result of being damaged by a storm or fire or there is some structural fault which means it must be closed, your trade will take a big hit.

Business isn’t very forgiving. If your office isn’t open and you company isn’t operating, your customers may lose patience and move elsewhere. After all, they’ll have their own business to look after.

The loss of customers, income and stock and office equipment can do serious damage to your business and it’s essential you are protected. No matter what size of office you have, a good business insurance policy will help you cope with those unexpected expenses.

You may be able to claim compensation for the loss of income while your business is out of action and also the additional costs of renting out temporary premises and equipment.

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Liability insurance

Liability insurance will cover people, whether they are customers or you own employees, or goods, so you can be safe in the knowledge that everything is protected.

Employers liability is compulsory by law so will be included in any office insurance policy. Our standard cover will also include public liability and products liability.

Optional extras

You’ll find some cracking deals on cheap office insurance with us and we also offer some optional extras to keep your business as safe as houses.

You can insure office equipment which you take out of the office, such as laptops, mobile phones, etc. This is a prudent move to protect those items against theft, loss or damage. Account receivables cover will help you if your accounts are destroyed and you need to find out what outstanding payments are due to your business.

Minding your own business

Times have never been tougher for businesses and although you’re probably trying to keep costs down, a good office insurance policy is a wise investment. We offer cheap office insurance to suit all budgets and businesses. We are experts in office contents and commercial insurance so we understand your needs.
Advice is never in short supply for businesses. There are a number of business helplines who can provide free advice on a range of areas including tax and legal issues.

But when it comes to insurance, is your one-stop shop. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll give your business the protection it needs. Our friendly UK-based team are waiting to talk to you on 0800 1073404.

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