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BusinessInsured Guide to Landlord Liability Insurance

You can get bombarded by a number of different phrases when looking for landlords insurance.
Often, there’s not a great mystery behind most of this jargon, but we understand it can be confusing.

Here, we’ll give you a quick guide on the key features to look out for if you are a landlord:

Landlord liability insurance

Your tenant could injury themselves in your property. If they bring a claim against you as a result of an injury or damage, landlord liability insurance will cover you for the costs.

Employers liability cover

Anybody who works for you on the property must be covered by employer’s liability insurance. This means if they are injured or become sick while work and bring a claim against you for the cost of their treatment, you will be covered.

Landlords Contents insurance

This will cover your own possessions which you have in the property, such as furniture, appliances or other expensive items.

It will not cover the personal possessions of your tenant so you should encourage them to take out their own contents cover.

Landlord building insurance

This insures you against damage to the property which is caused by fire or flood. When you take out this cover, you should work out how much it would cost to rebuild the property and get insurance for that amount.

Much like the buildings and contents insurance you will take out for your own home, this will cover you against a range of incidents. The building refers to the structure of the house and any other buildings or structures such as a garage, shed, walls or fences.

It will also cover fixtures and fittings such as baths, sinks, kitchen cupboards and other things which can’t be easily moved. It will provide you with comprehensive cover to rent out the property and will protect you against anything unexpected happening to the property.

Always check with the insurer to clarify exactly what the building cover includes. If the property requires a rebuild, it’s not just the material and labour you’ll have to take into account.

As a landlord, you’ll be losing rental income while the rebuild is taking place, so make sure your insurance includes some compensation for this. If there are some features which aren’t included, but which you need, ask your insurer to add them on.

And when you compare landlord’s insurance with, we’ll give you a wide range of policies to choose from so we’re sure you’ll find one that is tailored to your needs.

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