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If you’re a landlord in need of landlords insurance, then you come to the right place. As leading online insurance specialists, we endeavour to find the right level of cover at the best possible price. As with any type of insurance, there are a variety of options which will affect the overall price of your business insurance quote and the level of cover.

Landlord insurance differs from standard home insurance as it does not cover contents; just the building, fixtures, fitted units and ‘fixed’ appliances such as a cooker or hob. However items can be added to the landlords insurance policy if required such as a fridge, freezer, washing machine & dishwasher.

Buy To Let Landlord Insurance Protect Your Investments

As a buy-to-let landlord, your property or properties are your livelihood and are at risk from subsidence, flood, lightning and storm damage. Other threats include fire, which can be caused by poor wiring or other electrical faults, water damage due to faulty plumbing or leaky pipes or damage sustained as a result of a break in, burglary or vandalism.

As a landlord, all of the above need to be dealt with a soon as possible should they occur, but in many cases, this can only be done as quickly as your insurance company will allow. At we work in partnership with many leading insurers to find not only the most competitive landlord insurance quotes but also the most robust policies, giving you peace of mind and a policy you can depend on.

By using us to find the best business insurance quotes takes a lot of the legwork and hassle out of doing your own business insurance comparison. We have spent many years comparing business insurance and can provide you with the perfect policy in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Landlord insurance will not cover the cost of items taken by your tenants or general wear and tear caused by tenants. These costs should be covered by the deposit your tenants pay when they first move in, and this deposit should be enough to cover such costs. Landlord insurance also requires that the property should be well maintained by the owner. Simply allowing a building to crumble and expecting landlords insurance to pay out will not work.

Landlord insurance is intended as a safety net should the worst or unforeseen happen. It is not a hammock designed to give you an easier life. To enquire about our landlord insurance, call a member of our insurance advisory team on 0800 1073404 or fill in our landlord insurance quote form

At, we’ll make sure your rental property is as safe as house. We’ll help you find a great deal on landlord’s insurance by supplying with the most competitive quotes on the market.

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