Dance Teacher Professional Liability Insurance

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Dance Teacher Professional Liability Insurance

IT may be great to watch, but behind every great dance show, there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears – and we’re not just talking about those celebrity crying for votes on Strictly.

If you are a dance teacher, you’ll know the demands it can make on a person, physically and mentally. You’ve probably suffered a few injuries yourself and witnessed many more.

Unfortunately, the UK has become much more litigious these days and many more people are likely to look for blame if they suffer an injury while attending a dance class. As a teacher, you put yourself in the firing line every time you take a class, so it’s essential to have dance teacher professional liability insurance.

For many, setting up a dance school can be a real passion, but looking at it from a cold, hard business point of view, a costly claim from one of your students could shatter your dream.

Dance Teacher Liability Insurance

You can take every precaution, but sometimes accidents do happen in a dance class. Of course something like ballet or break dancing is more likely to have higher injury rates than say Morris Dancing.

However, even the traditional and seemingly safe Morris Dancing can take its toll on the body. The results of a study in 1989 showed that the most common complaint from Morris Dancers was chronic back pain. The study even reported a fatality.

So it isn’t all about the intensity of the dancing that you teach. You could be held responsible for anything that happens to your students on your premises. If one of them slips and hurts themselves even before the lesson has started, you could be facing a claim.

Public Liability for Dance Teachers

This will protect your from a member of the public taking legal action against you. In the case of dance teacher, it may help if a parent or someone who has called to pick up one of your students injuries themselves, say by tripping over some equipment you have left lying around or simply by walking through the door.

There are many considerations you must take into account when purchasing dance teacher insurance. Injuries play a big part, but there is also professional indemnity cover, which needs to cover any unexpected incidents which may occur.

You can avoid making a song and dance over any eventuality by getting a dance teacher insurance policy with BusinessInsured. Get an online quote today or call our friendly UK-based team on 0800 1073404.

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