A Guide to Teachers Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Teachers Professional Indemnity Insurance – BusinessInsured’s Guide

TEACHING can be very rewarding, whether you are shaping young minds as a school teacher or helping adults learn a new skill in a martial arts class for example.  But, in any form of teaching, you expose yourself to the risk of a claim being taken against you by a student or parent on a daily basis.

Legal action could be very costly and in the case of a private teacher, could put you out of business. That’s why professional indemnity insurance is vital.

A comprehensive teacher’s insurance policy will protect you from any unexpected action taken against and give you the peace of mind that you are covered for most eventualities.

School Teacher Liability

We now live in an increasingly litigious society, meaning people are a lot quicker to take legal action against teachers. A teacher or school is more likely to get sued by parents than ever before.

As you may be aware, parents are very protective of their children and will often be very quick to bring a claim against a teacher if they feel there has been negligence or some other wrongdoing.

There are a growing number of reasons why legal action might be brought against a teacher, and some may seem quite innocent to you. But, with parents and pupils so well briefed on their rights these days, teachers are finding themselves treading much more carefully.

We often imagine that this kind of thing goes on in the USA quite a bit. In fact, a couple of recent examples show how litigious a society it is.  One teacher was sued after an innocent Hallowe’en prank went wrong and legal action was brought against another teacher who bad-mouthed creationism in the classroom.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that only happens in America. The UK is catching up fast when it comes to firing off a solicitor’s letter

Other Liabilities as a Teacher

It doesn’t matter who you teach, whether it’s children or adults, there is always the risk of being sued.

For example, if you are martial arts instructor, one of your students may be injured due to a mistake you made while teaching them. Or you could provide language classes which aren’t deemed up to standard by the students who paid the money to attend them.

You could be open to accusations of sexual harassment or misconduct if you are, say, a swimming teacher or yoga

So, it pays to be prepared for whatever might happen to you in the course of your teaching. Even the most cautious teachers could find themselves the subject of legal action so having teacher’s indemnity insurance means you will be ready for the unexpected.

No matter what, where or who you teach, BusinessInsured will find you a teachers insurance policy to suit your needs. Get an online quote today or call our friendly UK-based team on 0800 1073404.

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